100+ people donate $100+
Food, drinks, & reception
Vote for a non-profit
$10,000 collective impact

$1,640 $10,000
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How we work

Once every quarter we come together for our signature event. All attendees donate at least $100. Everyone in attendance nominates their favorite local charity. Three people are randomly selected to present in front of the group. After the pitches everyone votes on which organization most deserves the funds. 100% of all the money donated goes to that non-profit. A reception follows with wine, beer, & sushi provided by our fantastic sponsors.



In the past few years, over $100,000 has been donated to 50+ incredible Chicagoland non-profits.




Join The Momentum

Watch the video to see how 100+ Chicago helped Abbey Cross raise money for Stand Up for Kids Chicago which went directly to the aid of homeless youth.